10 inch Barrel - Colt XM177E1/ CAR-15/ Survival Rifle - 2 options

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We absolutely Love this Barrel!

All SMG variants of the CAR-15 family tried before 1967 were 10 inches long.. And for some weird reason it's the hardest barrel length to find.

A Retro Rifle exclusive, this 10 inch barrel is a fine choice for all early CAR-15 models (XM177E1, CAR-15, Survival Rifle, early prototypes, etc)

It can also be used as a substitute for M4 Commando builds where you want the muzzle device to start immediately after the Front Sight Base (FSB) - or for anyone that just prefers a 10" barrel on their CQB rifle.

Nitride finish provides extended barrel life, making this a good choice for high round count use. It's also the best finish for harsh environments or for folks that just hate to clean barrels.

Why choose this barrel?

  • It's 10 inches and can be used with both a FSB or low pro block. This is a VERY hard to find barrel length.
  • Nitride finish is the toughest available, yet looks like a US Military finish


Barrel Specifications:

  • 10", 5.56 Nato chamber
  • 1:8 twist (Our preferred twist for short barrels)
  • M4 feed ramps
  • Nitride Finish
  • .750 under gas block
  • Made in USA

2 Options:

  • Authentic XM177E1 10" Pencil Barrel
  • 1:7 twist,
  • authentic chrome lined mil spec , phosphate finished
  • .625 under gas block
  • Made in USA


Front Sight Base Specifications:

  • Choice of "F" or "non-F" FSB


Full Assembly Specifications:


  • Your choice of barrel
  • M4 feed ramps (compatible with non-M4 lowers)
  • Nitride Finish
  • F or non-F Front Sight Base (Tapper pinned)
  • Slip Ring
  • Barrel Nut, Spring and Clip
  • Sling Swivel
  • Made in USA

**Note: Full Assembly will take 2 to 3 weeks to ship from order date


* Note: This barrel is VERY HARD and will last longer than many others.. making this an excellent choice for Full Auto use. Due to this, if you will be pinning a FSB on this barrel we recommend either you upgrade to letting us do the FSB pin install, or use Bose Cobalt bits for drilling your tapper pin holes.

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