16 inch Carbine "Pencil" profile Barrel Assembly - Colt Carbine / AR-15 SP1 (.625)

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16 inch "Pencil" profile Barrel Assembly for Colt Carbine Retro builds. Used on all 16" carbine models up to the mid-80's.

This Barrel is also a great choice for all Military versions originally using a 14.5 inch barrel. If you use this Barrel instead, you can run whatever Butt stock you like without needing to pin your muzzle device or deal with NFA or pistol build limitations.


Why choose this barrel?

- Authentic profile and twist to originals

- Use in place of 14.5 pencil barrel builds to avoid pistol or SBR requirements

- Light Weight for size: 1.4 lbs.

- Nitride finished for longer barrel life & superior corrosion resistance




16 inch, "Pencil" profile

1:12 Twist

Nitride Finish

Carbine length gas

M4 Feed Ramps (compatible with both M4 and non-M4 lowers)

Tapper pinned FSB

.625 FSB, Non- F mark

A1 Round Front Sight Post and assembly

Early Flat Style Straight "Slip Ring" (not Delta Ring)

M16A1 Flash Suppressor ("Birdcage")

Gas Tube & Pin

Barrel Shim (just in case it is needed for Barrel Nut timing, taper pins do not need to be removed to install)


* Note: Deliver can run 2-6 weeks