3.5" Prototype Flash Hider / CAR 15 / XM177 & XM177E2 / Colt Commando (1963-1964)

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Before the Iconic 4.25" Moderator became standard in 1966, a number of prototype muzzle devices were tried (1963-1964) in an attempt to tame the blast/flash of the cartridge load of the time when fired from a 10" CAR15 barrel.

This product is representative of one of these early efforts. Basically, the first version tried was a simple 3.5" muzzle extender (coming soon..). This product is a follow up example similar in shape, but has flash slots cut in the front. It is also the smallest/lightest version of the "Moderator" offered today.

Who would want this version?

1. Anyone with a short barrel CAR-15 / XM177 who wants a significantly lighter muzzle device on the end of your gun. Makes the rifle more handy and faster pointing.

2. Early CAR15 / survival rifle builds, pre-1966


Moderators, and other Options:


1. In the early 1960's Colt started testing a small 10" submachine gun version of the CAR15 family.  They first tried the Flash Hider (FH) they had - the first model of the "Duck Bill" 3 prong, and then later the second generation of this 3 Prong when available. Neither were satisfactory in taming the blast/sound to their liking.

2. The first lengthened muzzle device tried was about 3.5" long and had no flash slots. Basically just a barrel extender. (This product coming soon..)

3. Before final adoption of the 4.25" version (below) a number of different prototypes were tried. Our 3.5" moderator is a good reproduction of one such example. You are looking at this product now.

4. About 1966 the final version (4.25") was being issued on XM177 rifles; and then in early 1967 this model continued to be used on the XM177E2 (now also with the Grenade Ring). Colt stopped using any Moderator at all in the Mid-1970's due to ATF complications.

We offer two different versions of this 4.25 Moderator:

- Highest quality Reproduction available today. Same finish, weld marks and weight as Original.  (Here)

- Slightly less authentic vs above - but hollow out on the inside to reduce weight by 1/2. (Here)



- Crush Washer for timing the muzzle device to your liking (Here)

- Grenade Ring, used on 11.5" versions (Here)



- 3.5" x .75"

- 1/2 x 28 Standard threads for 223/5.56

- Steel, Black Oxide

- Weight 4.3 oz.