CAR-15 Butt Stock - "FiberLite" - Colt / Diemaco / XM177/ Commando / C8

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A nice reproduction of the Colt/Diemaco FiberLite stock.

This page is for the bare Butt Stock only. If you want the full Assembly with all parts needed click (Here)


Why buy this stock?

- Nice reproduction FiberLite stock

- One of the lightest stocks on the market today at only 4.3 oz

- Many advanced shooter have gone back to this stock due to its ultra-minimalist design

- Compact, when fully collapsed it's no longer than the buffer tube itself



- The first few collapsing butt stock examples were handmade prototypes and somewhat complicated in design (coming in 2019..)

- This was eventually replaced in 1966 with a much simpler sliding stock design made of aluminum. (Here)

- Eventually the above Aluminum stock was replaced by a same shaped version in much lighter polymer - this is the product you are looking at now.

- This design was then used up until replacement by the M4 version, which introduced the stock design still used today.