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CAR-15/ XM177  6 Hole Handguards:

New reproductions of original round Car-15 handguard. Has heat shield and correct 6 vent holes for reproducing all Colt carbine models. High quality item you would be proud to have on any Build. USA made, not weaker import.

Available in black or Green

Correct for both US and Canadian builds.

* Requires round front handguard retainer with correct barrel profile size hole (.625 or .750) which can be added below if you need one.


Made in USA


M4 7 hole Carbine Handguards

Colt 7 hole Carbine Handguards. 

  • Thin- single heat shield,  (black)
  • Fat- Single heat shield.(black)
  • Double Heat Shield  (black, green, tan, white, and pink)- Made in USA



  • 5
    Mid length USGI handguards

    Posted by oldironsights on 21st Mar 2021

    Very fine quality.
    Much better than the ill fitting cheap, warped crap handguards that others sell.

  • 5
    Carbine handguards

    Posted by Jaime on 20th Mar 2021

    Well worth the wait.

  • 5
    Carbine 6 hole handguards

    Posted by TS on 17th Mar 2021

    Look good, fit well

  • 4
    CARBINE HANDGUARDS six hole black

    Posted by Steve on 19th Nov 2020

    Not exactly like the Colt's but close enough. These aren't as shiny in the material, the holes look to be a slightly different size, and the ribs appear to be slightly differently shaped (not as fat or round). Still, for the price, they are close enough for a retro project that is going to be more a shooter than a looker.

  • 5
    It’s good

    Posted by Aidan Booth on 9th Oct 2020

    I mean it’s a durable plastic hand guard with a metal Heat shield there’s not much to say about it. Little Wobbly on replica XM177e2 but it’s probably the replica’s fault. Shipped Fast. Enough said.

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