CAR-15 / 607 / XM177E1 / XM177E2 / Colt Commando

We offer different versions of the CAR-15 "Moderator" muzzle device. The first three choices are authentic to the originals, and the last one is a hybrid smaller size version.


  • Gen 1 - 3.5 inch, no slots.. used on the Survival Rifle and first model CAR-15 shorty (colt model 607) 7.5oz
  • Gen 2 Light Weight - 4.3 inch, hollowed out inside to reduce weight (6 oz.)
  • Gen 2 Standard - 4.3 inch, real size & weight (10 oz.) of original..  the most authentic Gen 2 Moderator reproduction available today
  • Hybrid - 3.5 in length, basically a reduced size/weight moderator that can be used a variety of ways (4 oz)
  • Gen 2 - 4.3" - Ultra light Weight- Aluminum  2.3oz

*All except the Ultra Light Weight Moderator are made of steel and manufactured in the USA.

*** These are all one solid piece, meaning they do not come with any beveling or any internal parts to be removed.



Moderator History:

1. In the early 1960's Colt started testing a small 10" submachine gun version of the CAR-15 family.  They first tried the flash hider (FH) they had - the "Duck Bill" 3 prong, and then later the second generation of this 3 Prong when available. Neither were satisfactory in taming the blast/sound to their liking.

2. The first lengthened muzzle device tried was the 3.5" long Moderator and had no flash slots.

3. About 1966 the final version, 4.3 inch, was being issued on XM177's; and then in early 1967 this model continued to be used on the XM177E2 (now also with the Grenade Ring). Colt stopped making Moderators in the Mid-1970's due to ATF ruling it a Sound "Suppressor".

4. Though not historically correct, we also offer a special 3.5 inch with Flash Slots. This is the smallest/lightest Moderator style muzzle device available. Good for applications where you would like the style, but want less size & weight up front.

11.5 inch barrel versions (XM177E2 / GAU-5) use a Grenade Ring in conjunction with the Moderator (Here)


 For the washer (Here). Recommend using a lock washer.


For install some of these will not have wrench flats (particularity the hybrid). We recommend 2 ways of installing. 1, Strap wrench; 2, place a screw driver through the holes and turn (suggest a soft coating to prevent scratches).

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