16 inch SOCOM MK12 SPR Mod H Holland Barrel, 5R Rifling (.750)

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16" SOCOM Barrel, Mid Gas, Nitride, 5R Rifling.

The nice thing about the MK12 Mod H is the 16 inch barrel and collapsing stock. Our least favorite feature is the Stainless Barrel. Notice we do not offer a lot of Stainless Steel barrels.. we are not a fan. Because of this, we offer a comparable option in 4150 carbon steel as an alternative for those who feel the same.

Heavy enough to aid accuracy and rapid fire control, 1:8 twist for the latest high tech bullets, 5R rifling for precision accuracy and Nitrided inside and out for extended barrel life. Easily one of our favorite barrels in our entire line up.

This barrel also represents the current trend in elite units right now - moving toward heavier 14.5 or 16 inch barrels with mid-length gas system.



  • 1:8 Twist, Wylde Match Chamber
  • 5R Rifling
  • Nitride finish
  • Mid-Length gas system
  • .750 at the gas block location
  • Made in USA


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