11.5 inch SOCOM Barrel - with M203 Cuts - Chrome Lined

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$249.00 - $429.00



Bare Barrels ship immediately.

Barrel assemblies will ship in Two weeks from order date.


11.5 inch SOCOM profile with M203 Cuts. Identical to the FBI HRT Barrel but has the M203 Grenade Launcher cuts needed by SOCOM.

This is a Premium Barrel made for us to match the Colt Barrel in quality, but not at a "Colt" price. Fully Chrome Lined with Milspec Phosphate finish.


Why choose this barrel?

  • It is the new "Hottness" in 11.5" Carbine Barrels
  • High Round Count Barrel design
  • Extra weight aids control in Full Auto


We offer this barrel in three levels of Assembly:


  • Stripped Barrel (just the barrel)
  • "F" Front Sight Base (FSB), Tapper Pinned, no other parts included (see Notes below on "Short Pinning")
  • Full Barrel Assembly
    • Tapper Pinned FSB
    • Delta Ring
    • Barrel Nut
    • Front Sight Post Assembly, Square Post
    • A2 Flash Hider
    • Gas Tube
    • Sling Swivel Assembly


Barrel Specs:

  • 11.5" SOCOM profile
  • 5.56 NATO
  • 1:7 twist
  • 4150 Steel Barrel
  • Chrome Lined, Phosphate finished
  • .750 (M4 profile)
  • M4 Feed Ramps
  • 1lbs 10oz
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee


 * Note on Short Pinning:

 If all you want is a Barrel with a Front Sight Base and nothing else (Option 2) we will assume you are using a different type of Barrel Nut. We will then complete 99% of the Tapper Pin job completed BUT with the Tapper Pins in loose so you can slide on your Barrel Nut. Once assembled, simply pound your two Tapper Pins in tight and you are done. We have done all the Tapper Pin work for you - you just need to do the last 1% of the job and tighten the pins down.


 * Note on Full Assembly:

 Everything is assembled and tightened to spec. Simply screw the barrel nut to your receiver, install your Gas Tube and you are Good-To-Go.

* If you order the Full Assembly, but would still like the "Short Pinning" option above, simply tell us this in the Comment Section at Check-Out and we will not tighten the Tapper Pins.