7.62mm / .308 Dummy Cartridges

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.308 / 7.62 x 51 Nato Dummy Cartridge.

Unlike others, these dummy Cartridges are made from real components, to full SAMMI specifications and look/feel exactly like the Originals. Visible hole in case is the only identifier that these are Dummy Rounds and 100% inert.


Ideal for safe function testing, dry practice or display purposes.


- Sold individually.. order as many as you need

- Same size and weight to originals

- Meets full SAMMI dimension specifications

- Made from real cartridge components

- Hole in case for safety and identification as "Dummy"

- Totally inert



Made of Brass, Copper & Lead (with real components)


Made in the USA


Lifetime Guarantee


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    function testing magazines and actions

    Posted by charles clendenning on 4th Oct 2020

    these dummy cartridges, unlike the ones from a-zoom or snap-cap plastic stuff duplicates magazine testing especially for belt fed guns and weapons where you need to make sure "typical M80 ball" will fit and feed and extract correctly. also these are great for cutaway displays or deactivated guns for display, since the hole is where the primer pocket is, making them look like the real thing while still being safe.