A1 Sight Tool for AR15 / M16 - Front & Rear

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Original M16 Sight tool. Works on any "M16A1" style Rear Sight - will not work on M16A2 type sights.

Handy little tool for more quickly adjusting original SP1 / M16A1 front and rear sights. It doesn't always work exactly as advertised since it (sometimes) still needs a separate process for depressing the plunger.. but regardless, its still  way easier to adjust sights with this tool vs not having one.


* Note: The "Prongs" of this tool are fragile and may benefit from some minor adjustment (with needle nose pliers) to better fit your Front Sight Post. In other words sometimes you have to "fiddle" a little with the prongs to get them to align right. We have also found the notches on M16 Front Posts can vary a good bit.. some being more/less compatible with this Tool right-out-of-the-box.


Note: M16A1 and M16A2 sight tools are not interchangeable. Two different sizes.

If you need the M16A2 Sight Tool (Here)



Made in the USA