Barrel Extender - 9mm - 4.5 inch - (1/2 x 28)

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Our 5.56 / .223 Barrel Extenders are so popular we attempted to make the same thing in a version with an I.D. of .40 for 9mm use. The problem we ran into is the male threads are not properly supported due to being too thin. This product will work fine.. unless you over stress the male threads (e.g. screwing on a muzzle device with a crush washer) the threads will most likely crack if you crank down on it enough.

So we sell this product with a GREAT BIG WARNING.. if you over tighten the threads on the male end of this extender, it might crack. But as long as you are careful and don't over-tighten it 99% of folks will be just fine.

These are very high quality extenders with tight tolerances.. which means they can also be used for your Form 1 Suppressor build.

Can be permanently pinned, welded, or just screwed on tightly.

Standard 5.56/.223 / 9mm 1/2 x 28 male/female threads on both ends.



  • Overall length of 4.5 inch
  • O.D.: .70
  • I.D. .40
  • Threads: 1/2 x 28
  • Steel with black finish only
  • Made in USA


* Note: Actual Extender length is different from overall length added to barrel. This is due to the overlapping threads, which means the actual length added to barrel will be a little more than 1/2 inch less than actual size.