Barrel Nut Assembly - Milspec

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$41.00 - $99.00

New Mil Spec Barrel Nut Assembly - with choice of Slip Ring or Delta Ring.

All Four parts of the Assembly included:

  • Barrel Nut
  • Weld Spring
  • Barrel Nut Snap Ring
  • Slip Ring or Delta Ring available Options.


Notes on Options:



Steel (Nut, Spring, Snap Ring)

Aluminum (Slip Ring, Delta Ring)

Made in the USA

Lifetime Guarantee



Colt used the Slip Ring designed by Armalite on all AR15 / M16 models up to the mid-1980's, when it was replaced by the Delta Ring on the M16A2 / M4 and all subsequent models since then. If building a Vietnam era Colt.. choose a Slip Ring. If building a M16A2, M4 or any model since then you want a Delta Ring.

* The actual date of Delta Ring use is quite controversial at the moment. In Larry Vickers book there is mention of the Delta Ring being tested during the Vietnam War - though we still remain convinced the Delta Ring was not used Military Wide until the introduction of the M16A2 in 1983.