Colt M16A1E1 (1981)

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In between the M16A1 and the transition to the M16A2 there were a number of hybrid rifles made for the development testing that incorporated a number of feature from both versions.

This version exsisted for only two year (during testing) and finally culminated in the M16A2 in 1983. Think of it as a M16A2 but with a "Pencil" profile barrel.

Changes made on the 603 / M16A1:

  • Forward Assist became standard for the US Army
  • Flash Hider changed to closed end "Birdcage" configuration
  • Phosphate BCG became standard

Basically, its a later version XM16E1 with only the Flash Hider changed.

This is a fully assembled Reproduction Colt 603 M16A1, complete with BCG & Charging Handle. Drop on your lower and you are ready to go.


* Note on Twist Rates:

  • 1:12, Chromed Lined


* Notes on Options:

  • Choose either Phosphate or Chrome BCG, no cost difference. Though technically not issued with a Chrome BCG, they were readily available in the supply chain and could have been dropped in any M16A1 in the field during the War. For the Purist, Phosphate is the choice.
  • C7 option is a special M16A1 upper receiver that has both a Tear Drop Forward Assist & Shell Deflector.. Though not historically correct, it does make the rifle much more Left Hand Shooter friendly. This is not a NoDak upper.
  • M16A1 receiver has the Tear Drop FA, but not the Shell Deflector, which is historically correct. This is a NoDak upper.



  • M16A2 Receiver, 7075, Mil Spec Type III anodized (NoDak)
  • Choice of Twist Rate:
    • 1:12   -20" "Pencil" Profile Barrel, chromed lined
  • Chrome or Mil Spec Phosphate M16 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) - Your choice
  • Charging Handle
  • Front Sight Base (FSB) Tapper Pinned
  • Triangular Handguards (Polymer, Improved version)
  • Flat Style Straight Slip Ring, Original Colt
  • Round Front Sight Post
  • Rear Sight Assembly, Original Colt
  • A1 Birdcage Flash Hider
  • Charging Handle, 7075, Made in USA

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