Colt XM177E2 / GAU-5A/A / CAR-15 / model 629, 630 Commando / US Air Force (1967-1970)

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In 1966, the Army decided it wanted a slightly longer barreled version of the XM177E1, 11.5 inches instead of the original 10 inch barrel.

Wildly popular with Special Forces, SOG, LRRP teams, SEAL's, CIA and foreign Special Forces both in Vietnam, and elsewhere in the world. British and Australian SAS are particularly famous for using this version.

After 1974 the 4.25" Moderator was dropped in favor of the A1 Birdcage on further Commando models until the early 1980's.


Special Features:

  • Three different Upper Receiver styles to choose from (Slick Side, M16A1 or C7)
  • Historically correct "Pencil" profile 11.5 inch Barrel, Chrome Lined, Mag Phosphate finish
  • 4.25 inch Moderator Flash Suppressor (A1 Birdcage optional)
  • Moderator is not pinned, easily removable
  • Grenade Ring, separate from the Moderator (just like the original)
  • Correct 6 Hole CAR-15 Handguard
  • Shaved Bayonet Lug
  • BCG Optional
  • Made in USA


This is a highly authentic reproduction of the Colt XM177E2 or GAU-5A


* Notes on Options

Upper Receivers:

  • Slick Side - Air Force GAU-5A
  • A1 with Tear Drop Forward Assist, Army XM177E2 (1965-1983).
  • C7 is an A1 receiver with an Shell Deflector.. best choice for Left Hand Shooters, not a NoDak (1983-1995)

* Note: C7's were never official Army issue. Only Special Forces and the Canadians (C7/C8) used this transitional receiver style. Walks and talks like an A1 but doesn't hit you in the face when shooting southpaw.




From 1960-1965/66 all M16 variants were delivered with Chrome BCG's. 1967/68 on-wards the finish was changed to Mag Phosphate, as it is to this day. So it's entirely possible either was used, in anything, after 1967. Choose Chrome or Phosphate - no cost difference.. or get it without a BCG if you don't need one.


Muzzle Device:

  • 4.25 inch Moderator is technically correct for all models 1967-1974
  • A1 Birdcage is "officially" for Commando Models from 1974-1983. But this was also a rare configuration performed in the field during the Vietnam War to further reduce overall length.



  • Receivers, 7075, Mil Spec Type III Anodizing (will match black lower)
  •  M16A1 "NDS" code (NoDak),  C7 "A" code
  • 11.5 inch "Pencil" profile  Barrel, 1:9, Chrome Lined, .625, M4 feed ramps (will work with non-M4 lowers)
  • Tear Drop Forward Assist
  • Round CAR-15 Handguards - authentic style 6 hole
  • non-F marked FSB, tapper pinned, Shaved Bayonet Lug
  • A1 Round Front Sight Post
  • A1 Rear Sight assembly, Original Colt
  • 4.25 inch Moderator, not pinned - easily removable (A1 Birdcage optional)
  • Charging Handle, 7075 Made in USA
  • Sling Swivel



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