Duck Bill & 3 Prong Flash Hiders (1960-1983)

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The first Model AR15 (Model 601) had what is often called a "Duck Bill" Flash Suppressor. It was the only real Flash Suppressor available in Vietnam from the introduction of the Colt model 601 in 1960, until about 1962/63 when replaced with the reinforced "3 Prong" with which we are all familiar.

The Duck Bill is appropriate for models: 601, early model 602 and 607 variants.

3 Prong was much more widely deployed (1963-1967) and can basically be used on any variant in the Vietnam War since so many were already in country by 1968.

2 Options available for 3 Prong;

  • Regular 3 Prong is for authentic Retro AR builds for states you do not need to worry about flash hiders
    • Available options:
      • First Model
      • Parkerized
      • Black Finish
  • Banned State 3 Prong is for states that have banned flash hiders and will pass "the pinky test"
    • Available Options:
      • Black Finish
      • Unfinished

Made in the USA. Steel. Both are authentic reproductions of the original.