Colt Matching Furniture Set - M16A1 Trap Door Stock

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$290.00 - $330.00

Original Colt M16A1 Trapdoor Matching Furniture Set

Just say "NO" to Miss-matching M16 Furniture hobbled together from here and there.. or upgrade the look and feel of your Polymer Handguards to the Real Colt parts.  Advantage of buying a matching set is we can color match all to each other.. insuring you have the most consistent finish possible. Sets are matched three ways: Color/Shade, teeth alignment and consistant "Grade" quality (depending on which Grade you choose).


  • Original - Used, Cleaned, original finish



4 Grade Options:


A - All Teeth intact, may have slight cosmetic cracks (guaranteed not to spread)

B - One Tooth broken or other cosmetic flaw.

C - More than one tooth broken or several cosmetic flaws - often called "Battle Field" condition. Stock hardware may be rusted, but still servicable.

D - Broken, may or may not be repairable/usable. Cheap..Good for doing tests before permanently altering more valuable furniture parts. Expect Stock metal parts to be rusted or missing.



Original Colt M16 parts

Made in the USA

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