Front Handguard Cap - 5 Styles

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Handguard Caps hold the front of the two pieces of the handguard to the barrel assembly. (The rear of the handguards are held in place by the Slip or Delta Ring)


Triangle Caps are used for all Rifle models with the Triangle Handguards, and many of the Round M16A2 handguards as well. The only "Carbine" model that uses Triangle caps is the Colt 607 since it used modified Rifle Triangle Handguards.


Round Caps are used for "carbine" models that use round short handguards and some models of the M16A2 Round Rifle Handguard. Basic rule is all Carbine models (except 607) use one of two Round handguard Cap styles - Round or M4.


Round Caps come in Two different styles :

  • Round - for XM177E1, 1970/1980 10.5" Commando models, some M16A2 Round Handguards and any carbine build where mounting a M203 is not planned.
  • M4 - is also Round but has two notches cut in the bottom for M203 compatibility. For use on all carbine builds compatible with the M203 grenade launcher. This would typically be models 11.5" - 16" in barrel lengths made after the 1960's. 


Since barrels come in Two different thicknesses we offer two different hole sizes:

  • .625 (5/8) at the gas block ("Pencil" thickness)
  • .750 (3/4) at the gas block (M4 thickness)



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    what can I say the product says it all. Right down to detail with what I remember of my Marine Corps days.

    Posted by Jerry on 13th Jan 2021

    Solid part fits perfect and just what I was needing.