Front Handguard Cap - 5 styles

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Triangle caps are mostly for M16A1 triangle handguards. They can often be used with later A2 round handguards. 2 Options:

  • Triangle .625 is for pencil barrel profiles that measures .625 at the gas block.
  • Triangle .750 is for M4/ M16A2 thicker barrels which are .750 at the gas block.

Round handguards are for early XM's, Carbines, M4, and M16A2. 3 options:

  • Round .625 is for XM177 and carbines using a pencil barrel (Does not have 203 notches)
  • Round .750 is for using a thicker M4/A2 barrel (Does not have 203 notches)
  • Round M4 .750 are for thicker .750 barrels and gas block measuring .750 and is the latest version and has notches to allow for M203 grenade launcher attachment.