M16A2 Flash Hider-Phosphate

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Standard A2 Flash Suppressor. Correct for all builds after approximately 1984-1988 (depending on branch of service). It is still the current Colt/US Military flash hider used today.

Unlike the earlier M16A1 Birdcage flash suppressor, the A2 model only has open side slots on the top; bottom slots are closed off to turn this muzzle device into a dual Flash Suppressor / Muzzle Compensator. Closing off the bottom also reduces dust signature when firing from the prone position.


We offer this M16A2 muzzle device go (Here)


  • phosphate finish
  • Steel, Made in USA
  • 1/2 x 28 threads (standard .223 / 5.56mm NATO)
  • Standard version 1.75 inches length
  • Extended version 2.00 inches length

For washer go (Here). We recommend could be 1 of 2, Early models would use a peel washer and late models would use a crush washer.