M16A2 Flash Hiders

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Standard A2 Flash Suppressor. Correct for all builds after approximately 1984-1988 (depending on branch of service). It is still the current Colt/US Military flash hider used today.

Unlike the earlier M16A1 Birdcage flash suppressor, the A2 model only has open side slots on the top; bottom slots are closed off to turn this muzzle device into a dual Flash Suppressor / Muzzle Compensator. Closing off the bottom also reduces dust signature when firing from the prone position.


We offer this M16A2 muzzle device in Three Different configurations:

  • Standard M16A2 Flash Hider. Style currently used by US Military. (e.g. Colt, Diemaco, FN, etc.) - Black finish.
  • Extended M4 Flash Hider. If you are a fan of the A2 style, but want even more performance overall, this may be what you are looking for. Will also bring 14.5 inch barrels to 16 inches if pinned. 
  •  Closed-End M16A2 muzzle compensator. Like the standard A2 but has more effective recoil compensation and will pass the "pinky test" in banned states since the front end is closed off. We prefer this muzzle device to the original on our personal build rifles due to the increased muzzle brake effectiveness, yet keeping with the short and highly efficient A2 design style.


  • Steel, Made in USA
  • 1/2 x 28 threads (standard .223 / 5.56mm NATO)
  • Black Finish
  • Standard version 1.75 inches length
  • Extended version 2.00 inches length

For washer go (Here). We recommend could be 1 of 2, Early models would use a peel washer and late models would use a crush washer.