20 inch Pencil Barrel, Chrome Lined - AR-15 / XM16E1 / M16 / M16A1 - Stripped (.625)

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This "Pencil" profile Chrome lined barrel is the same size and finish as the original AR-15, XM16E1,  M16 and M16A1 models.

If you are looking for a Military quality Pencil profile 20" barrel for your Retro build.. or want a Light Weight Barrel for your modern build then this is one of the nicest barrels available. Fully Chrome Lined and choice of twist rate.


Twist Rate Choice: 1/7 .. 1/12 .. 1/14

Chrome Lined

Phosphate finish

.625 at the FSB/Gas Block location

A1 Round Front Sight Post and assembly

Early Flat Style Straight "Slip Ring" (Later Delta Ring available on request)

Gas Tube & Pin

Barrel Shim (just in case it is needed for Barrel Nut timing, taper pins do not need to be removed to install)

1 lbs. 11 oz.


Notes on Options:

Twist rate mostly affects what types of bullets you can use and your level of Purism:

- 1:14 is what ArmaLite started with in the late 50's and were used for the first 601's. Replaced by 1:12 in about 1962.

- 1:12 what was issued in all AR15 variants from 1962-1984 (Marines) and 1987 by the US Army. Use only 55gr and some 62gr bullets.

- 1:7 can shoot anything you can buy, including 77gr heavies (mk262) and tracers. It is the current NATO Standard twist rate.