20" Pencil Barrel Build Your Own Kit- AR-15 / XM16E1 / M16 / M16A1

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Expected release date is 1st Jun 2022

THIS IS A BUILD YOUR OWN KIT. Nothing will be assembled.


This "Pencil" profile barrel is the same size and finish as the original AR-15, XM16E1,  M16 and M16A1 models.

If you are looking for a Military quality Pencil profile 20" barrel for your Retro build.. or want a Light Weight Barrel for your modern build then this is one of the nicest barrels available. Fully Chrome Lined and choice of twist rate.

Barrel with Front sight base only Specifications:

  • Twist Rate Choice: 1:7 .. 1:12 .. 1:14
  • 1:7 is Nitride finished
  • 1:12 twist, 4150, Phosphate/Chrome Lined (original twist for M16/M16A1.. 1962-1982)
  • 1:14 twist, stainless/black finish (For Colt 601 & earlier Prototype builds. Closest thing currently made to the original Prototype/601 Barrel)

Kit Includes:

  • Twist Rate Choice: 1:7 .. 1:12 .. 1:14
  • .625 at the FSB/Gas Block location
  • A1 Round Front Sight Post and assembly
  • Early Flat Style Straight "Slip Ring" (Later Delta Ring available on request)
  • Triangle Handguard Cap (Round available on request)
  • Non "F" Front Sight Base (F available upon request)
  • Gas Tube & Pin
  • Barrel Shim (just in case it is needed for Barrel Nut timing, taper pins do not need to be removed to install)
  • 1 lbs. 11 oz.


Notes on Options:

Twist rate mostly affects what types of bullets you can use and your level of Purism:

  • 1:14 is what ArmaLite started with in the late 50's and were used for the first 601's. Replaced by 1:12 in about 1962.
  • 1:12 what was issued in all AR15 variants from 1962-1984 (Marines) and 1987 by the US Army. Use only 55gr and some 62gr bullets.