Colt 601 - First model AR-15 Project Agile (1960-1962)

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May take up to 12 weeks for build and ship

1:12 Twist currently only barrel available. We are working on getting 1:14 and 1:7


Colt bought the manufacturing rights for the AR-15 from ArmiLite in 1959, and in 1960 offered the first Colt AR-15.. the model 601.

The only reason the Army was finally forced to consider the platform was the Air Force wouldn't stop asking for it, along with the inconvenient fact that 1,000 rifles had been sent to Vietnam for testing (Project Agile 1961) and reports back were outstanding. Thus began the story of the M16.

This is a highly authentic reproduction of this first model AR-15.


Special Features:

  • Genuine Colt AR-15 Fiberglass Handguards (not polymer)
  • "Slick Side" Mil-Spec Upper, "C" "A" forge code (not NoDak)
  • Chrome "Slick Side" BCG, with appropriate "machined" Retaining Pin (not Cotter Pin)
  • Appropriate Gen 1 "Triangle" Charging Handle
  • Original 1:14 twist (1:7 optional),
  • 1:14 chromed line
  • 1:12 Chromed Lined
  • Gen 1 "Duck Bill" Flash Hider
  • Made in USA


* Triangle Charging Handle is included. Chrome BCG is Optional


* Note on Twist Rates:

Eugene Stoner originally designed the AR-15 with a 1:14 twist barrel, firing a 55gr bullet (the only bullet used at the time). Today we have a range of bullets available - which is why we offer this Assembly in two different twist rates:

  • 1:14 is historically correct and ideal for 55gr bullets. The choice If you want the closest possible to the real thing and will only shoot this bullet weight.


  • "Slick Side" AR-15 Receiver, 7075, Mil Spec Type III anodized, "C" "A" forge code (not NoDak)
  • Choice of Twist Rate: 1:7 or 1:14
    • 1:14 - 20" "Pencil" profile barrel, Chrome Lined, Phosphate finished
    • 1:12- 20" "Pencil' Profile barrel, chromed lined
  • Charging Handle, 7075, Made in USA
  • Genuine Colt M16A1 Triangular Fiberglass Handguards (used, good condition)
  • Appropriate Chrome Slick Side M16 Bolt Carrier Group with stainless steel machined Retaining Pin
  • Gen 1 "Triangle" Charging Handle
  • Front Sight Base (FSB) Tapper Pinned, non-F
  • Flat Style Straight Slip Ring (not Delta), Original Colt
  • Round Front Sight Post
  • Rear Sight Assembly, Original Colt
  • First Generation "Duck Bill" Flash Hider
  • Sling Swivel
  • Made in USA