Colt Triangle Handguards - (1960-1967) "Gloss" - AR15 / M16

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$99.00 - $149.00

Original Colt AR15 / M16 / M16A1 Fiberglass Triangular Handguards reconditioned in the early Black color shade.

On this page you are Ordering "Semi-Gloss", which would be correct for Early-Mid Vietnam War models (approx. 1960-1967). At some point Colt started to use a Matte finish for the furniture.. probably sometime late in the War. If you are looking for the Matte (Flat Black) Handguards (Here)


Now Gloss- These are high gloss for reproductions for show/display.

4 Grade Options:


A - All teeth intact, may have slight cosmetic crack (guaranteed not to spread)

B - One Tooth broken or other cosmetic flaw

C - More than one tooth broken or several cosmetic flaws - often called "Battle Field" condition

D - Broken, may or may not be repairable/usable. Cheap..Good for doing tests before permanently altering more valuable handguards.



Original Colt M16 parts

Reconditioned by Retro Rifles

Made in the USA

*** Does not come with other parts shown in picture. Will only include one pair of handguards **