Colt / Armalite Triangle Handguards - "Bakelite" (1958-1959) AR15 - (Limited availability)

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$189.00 - $219.00

These are original Vietnam Era Colt Fiberglass handguards that arrived with a "Bakelite" appearance.

We ARE NOT selling these as actual Bakelite Handguards.  We did add a tint to balance the batch out for better matching - but the patterns are original.

What we are offering are original Colt handguards with the character of early generation handguards. These are not reproductions or painted patterns.  Each handguard half has it's own unique appearance.

Very limited quantity available. Once sold out we will not offer this product again due to the high labor costs necessary to produce "Art piece" products.



Original Colt M16 parts

Made in the USA

Refinished by Retro Rifles

Lifetime Guarantee


*** Does not come with other parts shown in picture. Will only include one pair of handguards **