Colt / Armalite Triangle Handguards - "Bakelite" (1958-1959) AR15 - (Limited availability)

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$169.00 - $189.00

Original Colt AR15 / M16 / M16A1 Fiberglass Triangular Handguards.- Reconditioned as prototype Bakelite Handguards.

(Does that make this a "Genuine Colt reproduction Bakelite"??)


Two Grade Options:

  • Grade A- No missing teeth. Best to perfection you can get to being a 60 year old part
  • Grade B+ - Does not meet our quality standards for A. Some minor imperfections.



Original Colt M16 parts

Made in the USA

Refinished by Retro Rifles

Lifetime Guarantee


*** Does not come with other parts shown in picture. Will only include one pair of handguards **

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