Colt "Bakelite" Pistol Grip - AR15 / M16 / M16A1

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$39.00 - $69.00

These are early Colt production m16 Pistol Grips that have changed color over the 50-60 years since they were made. The filler material and resin have matured at different rates - creating a "Bakelite" effect. We clean and refinish them but otherwise the pattern is genuine. No two are alike.

Perfect for "Prototype'ish", Green/Brown paint over bakelite (early 601 models) or to add additional character to your Rifle.


Choose Brown, Black, Burgundy or White from the options above.



-------------- Notes on our different Pistol Grip Options -----------------


We offer 6 different versions of authentic Colt M16 Pistol Grips, and 1 non-Colt:

  • A1 New (Not Colt) - Modern manufactured - This is the "Newest" looking Grip Option. High quality Glass filled Nylon.
  • Black, Refurbished - Colt Grips "Refinished" in either "Semi-Gloss" (early 1960's) or "Matte" Black (late 1960-1980's). Sold by Grade/Condition.
  • Worn - Colt, good for "Battle Field" builds, well worn. Semi-Gloss - feel free to repaint Flat Black is you prefer.
  • Bakelite Black - Two Tone Black on Black.
  • Bakelite Brown - Brown and Black Marbling.
  • Bakelite White - As above, but with lots of White Marbling.
  • Bakelite Burgundy - Very definite Burgundy tint to entire Grip.


Comes with grip screw-in washer


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