Colt Triangle Handguards - (1967-1984) "Matte" Black - AR15 / M16 / M16A1

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$99.00 - $149.00

Original Colt AR15 / M16 / M16A1 Fiberglass Triangular Handguards reconditioned in the later Black color shade.

On this page you are Ordering "Matte", which would be correct for late War M16 models and continuing until replacement of the M16A1 (approx. 1967-1984).


  • If you are looking for the earlier "Semi Gloss" Black furniture (1960-1967) (Here)
  • Green or Brown (1959-1960) (Here)
  • Bakelite - (1958-1959) (Here)

5 Grade Options:


A - All teeth intact, may have slight cosmetic crack (guaranteed not to spread)

Grade B+ - Does not meet our quality standards for A. Some minor imperfections.

B - One Tooth broken or other cosmetic flaw

C - More than one tooth broken or several cosmetic flaws - often called "Battle Field" condition

D - Broken, may or may not be repairable/usable. Cheap..Good for doing tests before permanently altering more valuable handguards.



Original Colt M16 parts

Reconditioned by Retro Rifles

Made in the USA

*** Does not come with other parts shown in picture. Will only include one pair of handguards **