Colt Fiberglass Stock - Original 1960's - with Rubber Buttplate - AR15 / M16

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$25.00 - $209.00

Original Colt AR15 / M16 Stocks from the Vietnam War. These were used 1959-1968 and have the "Rubber Buttplate" - which was used before the (later) "Trap Door" version (1968+)

Condition varies by "Grade"


1960's Vietnam era M16 Buttstocks had fixed Rubber Buttplates. (The Stock you are looking at now)

Late 1960's, 1970's & 1980's M16A1 Stocks had a Trapdoor.


We have 4 different Quality choices:


  • Grade A - Used, good condition, excellent or new Sling Swivel Assembly Hardware
  • Numbered - Similar to above, but with original Arms Room numbers still on the Stock, excellent or new Hardware
  • Grade B - Fully serviceable, but will have cosmetic or other minor damage.
  • Grade D - Swollen End or missing Rubber pad (Completely functional) works for those wanting a nice stock to cut down for 607 or other builds.
  • Grade D- Back End Damage- last 1/3 of the stock has damage to it. May have rusted Hardware and/or missing Rubber pad.
  • Grade D- Front End Damage. Cracks within the first third of the stock from the receiver.


Original Colt M16 part from the Vietnam War Era

Made in USA