Colt 723 / 725 (Diemaco C8) - 14.5 inch

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Reproduction Colt model 723 Carbine or model 725 as provided to Canada as early model C8.

Uses correct style "transitional" A1 Upper Receiver- with Shell Deflector.

Most famously used by Delta Force in the Black Hawk Down incident.

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  • C7 / M16A1E1 Upper Receiver
  • 14.5 inch, 1/7 Twist, 5.56 Nato chamber
  • 6 Hole authentic style single heat shield Handguards
  • A1 Rear Sight Assembly, Original Colt
  • A2 Post Front Sight
  • Choice of A1 or A2 Flash Suppressor
  • Flash suppressor is NOT pinned and easily removable
  • All NFA Rules Apply.
  • Charging Handle 7075, Made in USA


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