M16A2 / M4 - Closed End Muzzle Device - Banned States - 308 / 300 Blackout / 5/8x24

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This is offered for States with a "Pinky Test".. meaning "Muzzle Brakes" are acceptable whereas a "Flash Hider" may not be.

What we did was take a standard M16A2 style device and closed off the front end - making it a Muzzle Brake.

Besides banned States this Comp is also popular with shooters who enjoy the A2 flash style (and efficiency) but are looking to trade flash suppression for increased muzzle climb reduction. An excellent 3 gun or square range Compensator.


This is a Closed Bottom design and will need timing. Best Washer to use:

  •   Crush washer. - Easiest to use and historically correct for "Flat Top" models (M4A1, M16A3 / M16A4, etc)
  •   Peel Washer - Harder to use but historically correct for "Fixed Carry Handle" (M16A2 / M4) models. Also necessary if you will use this muzzle device in conjunction with a Suppressor.


If you need:


5/8 x 24


Made in the USA

Lifetime Guarantee