Rear Sling Swivel Stud ( AR15 / M16 / M16A1)

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Rear Sling Swivel Stud for early generation AR15 / M16's with the rubber butt plate.

Will not fit M16A1 models with the Trap Door.


There were two versions of Butt Stocks used on the M16 / M16A1 rifle during the Vietnam years:

- Early models with fixed rubber Butt Plate

-Later (1967+) models with Trap Door Butt Plate


This item is a reproduction of the original Sling Swivel Stud used to hold the Sling Swivel to the Rubber Butt Plate Stock. Only the Stud is included here.

- If you also need the Roll Pins for this Stud (Here)

- Replacement Sling Swivel (Here)

- Full Sling Swivel Assembly (Here)




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