Buttstock- Original Colt 604 Fiberglass (Rubber) M16 / AR-15

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Original US Military Buttstock with Rubber Buttplate. Used.


1960's Vietnam era M16 Buttstocks had fixed rubber buttplates. (The Buttstock you are looking at now)

1970's & 1980's M16A1 models had a Trapdoor. (Here)

From the 1990's onward the M16A2 also used a Trapdoor, but used a slightly longer butt stock (Here)


Note: All three Butt stocks are interchangeable since they use the same rifle length Buffer Tube (Receiver Extension).


We have five different choices in Finish:


  • Grade A - Used, best condition
  • Numbered - Similar to above, but with original Arms Room numbers still on the stock
  • Speckled - Early Brown Speckled
  • Grade B - Fully servicable, but will have cosmetic or other minor damage
  • Grade C - Damaged. May or may not be serviceable. Sold for parts or for DIY recondition projects.

Made in USA

Order just the Bare Stock, or the full Assembly which also includes the buffer tube, spring, buffer and buttstock screw.

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