M4 Commando - Barrel Options, With or without BCG, and Muzzle Device Options

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For most of the M16's history, Colt has offered a "short" version, commonly called the "Commando" product line.

Orders can go to the US Military (Big Army), Special Operations, Police Departments or Foreign Governments. There is no official configuration for an M4 Commando as Colt would build to the customer's requirements. For this same reason, we offer a wide multitude of barrel options to tailor this compact fighting tool to your exact needs.


Barrel Length:

- 10 inches ... Shortest possible, brings the muzzle device right up to the Front Sight Base with virtually no space. Can be problematic for some suppressor mountings.

- 10.5 ... Shortest possible and still suppressor friendly.

- 11.5 ... This is the barrel length used most by the US Military (and probably everyone else too).


Barrel Finish options:

- Phosphate (just like the original)

- Black Nitride - The most durable coating available

- Stainless Steel - shiny, preferred by many folks


Twist Rate options:

- 1:7 - Current NATO standard, can shoot anything you can buy off the shelf.. including Tracers.

- 1:8 - For those folks who think 1:7 is too much, and 1:9 not enough.

- 1:9 - Popularized by Bushmaster back in the 1980's.. and believed by many to be the most practical barrel twist rate (We believe this too).


Chamber Options:

- 5.56 NATO is the current standard. Theoretically more reliable.

- .223 Wylde is a slightly tightened up 5.56. Theoretically more accurate.


Comes with Charging Handle, BCG is optional (Here)


*** 1-3 Weeks typical build time for this Upper.